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  1. "At Sea"

    Imagine you are in the middle of an ocean. Sometimes there are chaotic swells of deadly waves. Sometimes there is nothing but miles of placid water. You have no control over these things.

    Now imagine you are given a boat. Maybe you are given a rickety, leaking dingy, barely seaworthy. Or perhaps you find yourself in a luxurious cruise liner. You have no control over what boat you are given.

    Everyone sails the ocean. Everyone has a boat. Everyone is a captain.

    There are adventurous captains, who explore calm waters in their modest sailboats.

    There are panicked captains, who battle the dire circumstances of their sinking rowboats in an aggressive ocean swell.

    There are reckless and hedonistic captains, blessed with “theoretically” unsinkable vessels, who are oblivious to the deadly hurricane that rages around them.

    A captain can not control the ocean. A captain can not control what kind of boat they are given.

    A captain can only control how they choose to sail their ship.

  2. If you are in Phoenix and looking for something to do tonight, stop by the First Fridays Art Walk downtown! I’ll be selling prints with Dave Jackson in the A.R.T.S. Market at 5th and Roosevelt.

    See you there!

  3. I like doing these lil’ Samurais. They are fast and fun!!

  4. "Your move…"

  5. Fruits! Yeah, that’s all I got today. Heh.