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  1. Besides being a self-employed artist, I’m also an avid tabletop gamer! I worked as a board game artist for several years before recently becoming inspired to make my own game. Take a look!

    "Trekking the National Parks" is a spirited family board game that lets players experience the U.S. National Parks in a fun and competitive way.

    My family has always been big supporters of the National Parks, so I wanted to make a game that celebrated the parks while being easy to learn and packed with strategic fun. These images showcase my family play testing the first prototype board.

    I’ve been working my butt off on this game and my goal is to Kickstart the project this summer! I would love your help to spread the word about it, so I’m going to throw a little contest to hopefully spark some interest!

    I’m giving away 5 copies of my Totem Pole Mini Print to celebrate the announcement of this game. Here is how you get one:

    Copies 1,2,3: LIKE the Trekking the National Park Facebook page. I will randomly pick three new Likers on 3/20/2014 and ship you a copy.

    Copies 4,5: Reblog this post. I will randomly pick two rebloggers on 3/20/2014 and ship you a copy.

    For more info about the game, go to: www.trektheparks.com

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