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  1. I know I’m late to the party, but listen, if you have a chance to play the game The Last of Us…. DO IT.

    My friends have often listened to me complain about how “I miss the feeling of being a fan”. When I was a kid I was always freaking out about the next big game or movie coming out. I remember watching the Final Fantasy 7 commercial on TV and practically falling to my knees, eyes like saucers. How could anything be more epic? How could I possibly be more excited?

    Nowadays, It’s hard to get excited about anything. Maybe it’s age. I just turned 30…. Uhg.

    OR… maybe it’s just that I have a higher standard of quality. Yeah, you know what? I choose to believe that it’s about quality.

    So if you like entertainment that doesn’t suck balls, play this game. It’s an oasis of quality in a desert of crap.

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